Nine Things to Exclude from your CV/ Resume in 2023

Nine Things to Exclude from your CV/ Resume  in 2022
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Here's a list of nine things to exclude from your CV/ Resume in 2023. The idea is to have a CV that is clean and easy to scan. Don't clog up your resume with irrelevant information!

A goal / Objective.
What was once considered a crucial component of a résumé is now deemed obsolete.
Obviously, the job you're applying for is your goal.
Leave it off unless you're willing to rewrite your objective for every job you apply for.
Use the space at the start of the resume to include a description of your qualifications that emphasizes your abilities and achievements. 

Personal pronouns 

Don’t write your resume in the first or third person. Your resume should not include the words “I,” “me,” “she,” “he,” or “my.” I mean Obviously, the resume is about you. 

Work experience that isn't relevant.

It's not necessary to list every job you've ever had.
You may have been the regions's best pizza delivery lady, but if it's irrelevant to your new professional path, get rid of it.
Only mention positions that are less relevant if they demonstrate a skill that can be transferred to your soon-to-be new employment.
If you're a recent graduate with little work experience, you might include these earlier employment and emphasize the customer service abilities you developed in the small roles you had.

Anything that isn't 100% accurate.
That's all there is to it.
Don't make false assertions, exaggerate, or deceive.
It's not going to end nicely, believe me. 

Your age.
Include neither your age nor your date of birth.
If you don't want to be discriminated against because of your age, several experts propose eliminating your college graduation date or not listing more than 15 years of job experience.

Information on Wage / Salary.
Don't include your current or desired income on your CV.
This information is superfluous and may communicate the wrong message.
A resume's goal is to get you an interview.
Salary negotiations will take place later on once successful.

Your Grade Point Average.
It's fine to put it if you're a recent college graduate (within the last three years) and your GPA is more than 3.8. Don't do it if you don't have to. GPAs are only important to graduate institutions and not really necessary on the hiring process.

Misspellings or Grammatical errors.

One recruiting manager I know says that if he finds a misspelled word or a grammatical issue on a résumé, it goes straight to the garbage.
It makes no difference how qualified or enticing the candidate is.
He argues that if you don't pay attention to the specifics of a resume, you won't pay attention to the nuances of a job.
Check your work for errors numerous times.
Starting at the finish and working your way back to the beginning, proofread each word.
Ask a friend who is often looking for errors to double-check it for you.
Always make sure you pay attention to this even if you ignore the rest of our advise.
This is a fatal error. 

We hope that your have picked up some useful information on our list and explanation of nine things to exclude from your CV/ Resume  in 2023. 

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