Important Points to Consider in Writing a Job Application Letter


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In this brief article we go through important points to consider in writing a Job Application Letter in a short but detailed manner.

What to include in your cover letter

Address your letter to a specific individual.
If required, call HR and inquire about who you should send your application to.

Demonstrate some added value.
Have you have a skill or experience that you weren't asked for but would be really valuable?

Make an effort to appeal to fundamental wants.
You might focus on providing talents or experience that would aid the hiring manager if you understand his or her concerns.

Make your personality known.
Show genuine enthusiasm and a reason why you love this market, product, or job while being a focused business-like professional.

Make use of crucial keywords.
If they ask for a widget manager and you respond, "I'm a widget manager," you've already gotten half way there.
Play to their job ad's stated desires.

Include contact details.
Please do not rely on your email address making it through an email trail in a clean manner.

What to leave out of your cover letter

Don't use the same resume twice
Always make adjustments and include more value and hooks in your CV.

Exaggeration and hyperbole should be avoided.
Don't state anything like, "I'm great at..."
Who's to say?

Don't stray from the path.
Irrelevant words are a waste of time and a source of disappointment for the reader.

Don't appear to be begging.
Emotional pleadings are a turn-off because they portray you as self-centered.

Leave out the story of your life.
That's effectively in your resume. 

Before sending your cover letter, consider the following questions :

Have I established myself and my professional experience in the cover letter's opening two sentences?

Is my cover letter format distinctive, and does it stand out?

Have I made a point of emphasizing my most relevant qualifications and accomplishments?

Have I discussed what I've learned about the company and the position I'm looking for?

Have I made it clear why I want to work for this particular organization?

Is my cover letter well-written, well-presented, and neat?

Is my cover letter free of errors?

Is my cover letter succinct and to the point?

Do I include a request for an interview in my cover letter? 

After considering the above important points to consider in writing a Job Application Letter and applying them in your next Job application(s), it should improve your chances of atleast getting some feedback or interview call up, we wish you all the best.

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