Tender Opportunity at JRS - Tanzania , November 2023


Tender Opportunity at  JRS - November 2023


As part of the implementation of its activities to ensure sustainable and inclusive Quality Education for refugee children in camps in Tanzania, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS-Tanzania) is launching an open call for tenders for the purchase of the vehicle which will facilitate the realization of the daily activities of JRS-Tanzania in favor of the various vulnerable people.

Consistency of the work.

The work expected of the winning bidder consists of the following:

– Provide the requested vehicle in accordance with the specification mentioned below

The vehicle requested and its specifications mentioned below:

  1. One USED TOYOTA Hi-Lux Double Cab 4×4 driving, right-hand drive Model : Transmission : Manual, Speed :5, Front suspension : Double wishbone, Rear suspension : Leaf spring, Front brake : Disc, Rear brake : Drum, Number, Number of doors : 4, Number of places : 6 and white in colour

    The vehicle must be from 2016 to 2018

    Warranty : 36 months and less than 100,000 km from first use meaning it should range between 50,000KM to 80,000KM.

  2. ONE USED TOYOTA Double cab pickup, Template : HTML HZJ79, 4×4 driving, right – hand drive Model, Transmission : Manual, Speed : 5, Front suspension : tie rod and coil spring, Rear suspension : Leaf spring, Front brake : Disc, Rear brake : Drum , Number of doors : 4, Number of places : 6 and white in colour

    The vehicle must be from 2016 to 2018

    Warranty : 36 months and less than 100,000km from first use meaning it should range between 50,000KM to 80,000KM

1.  Participation and origin

This call for tenders is open to Tanzanian companies regularly registered in the Tanzanian commercial register. Companies can participate only if they demonstrate that they : – Are legally and financially autonomous ; – Operate according to the principles of commercial law.

2.Submission of offers

Each offer, written in English, must reach the Kibondo Office or be sent online on the email bdi-tz.hr@jrs.net no later than 15th November, 2023 at 1600hours Eastafrican time and should bear the mention : “Open invitation to tender for the purchase of the vehicle “.

3. Documents constituting the administrative offer

The administrative offer presented by the Tanzanian tenderers will include the documents mentioned below:

  • Upto date business license
  • Tax clearance from TRA
  • Certificate of registration
  • The completed cost table or a quotation from the tenderer with all the detailed descriptions of the proposed items
  • Picture of the cars
  • Documents that prove the delivery of the same material requested in the past two years (Purchase orders and other proven documents)

The tender opening and evaluation committee will reject any tender containing inaccurate or misleading information provided by the tenderer and will eliminate without recourse any tenderer using irregular practices in the process of awarding this contract.

JRS reserves the right to ask the tenderer, during the evaluation of the tenders and by way of clarification, for any necessary proof.

Bidders are expected to carefully review the quotation tables and all job or bid instructions. Files that do not meet these criteria will be deemed non-compliant, will be rejected at this stage and will not be considered further.

4.  Evaluation of financial offers

The evaluation of the financial offers will take place for the tenderers who will have presented a complete administrative file.

5.  Bid opening

The opening of administrative documents and technical offers will be done at the office of JRS-KIBONDO by a jury of the commission. This opening will be done November 16th, 2023.

6.  Delivery

The delivery of this vehicle will be made at Dar es salam and within the deadlines proposed in the offer. The vehicle must be availabe in Dar es Salaam for physical verification.

7.  Time of Performance.

The execution time is two months after the signing of the purchase order, or payment of the agreed amount.

JRS reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to cancel the bidding process or reject all bids at any time prior to contract award without incurring any responsibility vis-à-vis the rejected tenderer(s) and without having the obligation to inform the tenderer(s) of the reasons for its decision.

For any request for additional information or request for clarification, tenderers are invited to write to the Following email address :

 or call the following numbers:


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