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KVTC was set up in 1992 with the remit to develop social and environmentally responsible forestry and create a long term (export) business. KVTC is the largest private teak plantation project in Africa.

KVTC is managed by a well-established team consisting of a core of Tanzanian Foresters and Production Engineers
supported by an expatriate team with over 70 years’ experience in forestry, processing and project management.

employs approximately 250 members of staff and through local contractors has between 350 people working within the plantations on a daily basis.

KVTC manages 28,132ha of land in the Kilombero and Ulanga Districts of the Morogoro Region in the Southern part of Tanzania.

1.    KVTC Company is pleased to announce a tender of “Staff Transport Service” for about 40 employees on
Monday - Friday.

2.    Requirement – Two (2) Minibuses Coaster size

3.    The current lead distance is 35-kms between Ifakara and Mavimba processing site office block, of which
20kms tar mark road and the remaining 15kms are the rough road.

4.    Duration of Service
The contract duration is 3 years commencing 1st June 2023 – 31st May 2027

5.    Daily Service Schedule
A.   The timing of the staff bus from Monday – Friday is as follows:
•   Leave Ifakara at 06:00am but NOT later than 0630am.
•   Arrive Mavimba 07:20am in time for people to start working at 07:30am
•   Depart Mavimba 05:40pm in time for people to complete their normal working hours (till 05:30pm)

B.   Transport of weekend (Saturdays & Sunday)
i.            Saturdays
•   Leave Ifakara at 06:00am but NOT later than 0630am.
•   Depart Mavimba 02:30pm in time for people.

ii.           Sundays
•   Leave Ifakara at 03:00pm – collect +/-15 members of KVTC forest staff and bring them to Mavimba Sawmill

6.    The role of the parties
i.  The bidder will be responsible for the following:
•   To provide Transport services
•   Provide adequate fuel for the trips.
•   Make sure the vehicles are clean and roadworthy.

Kilombero Valley Teak Company Limited  Registered Office:  4 Barack Obama Drive, Sea View, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Directors:  AR Mpungwe (Chairman), JE Heyes, JV Mwapachu, IJ Norjam√§ki, DA Parkhill, OC Sand
•   Ensure safe transportation of the employees.
•   Pay the licenses, Tax, insurance, and other Government levies i:e LATRA.
•   Hire qualified drivers possessing a valid driving license to transport passengers.
•   All maintenance and drivers’ welfare are the responsibility of the contractor.
•   The contractor must have a valid registration document for the vehicles.
•   The supplied transport will be for the exclusive use of KVTC on the days it is required.

ii.  The company will be responsible for the following services:
•   To conduct ad-hoc inspections of the bus and give recommendations.
•   Manage and giving instructions on the bus trips on a daily basis.
•   Giving instructions on other trips by special agreement with the contractor.

7.    Quality of the Bus/Vehicle condition
Whilst running this tender KVTC is after a bus with qualities that suit/complies to the governing Environmental, Health, and safety standards. Below are the additional qualities that will be under consideration:
•   safety,
•   reliable,
•   capacious,
•   comfortable with AC, and
•   attractive

8.    Selection criteria will include:
•   In order to be considered eligible for the award of the contract, tenderers must provide evidence that they meet or exceed certain minimum qualification criteria described in this tender.   In the case of a joint venture, the joint venture as a whole must satisfy the minimum qualifications required below.
•   Possession of registration certificate, business license, TIN.
•   A minimum of three (3) years of experience as well as a CV of key employees/drivers.
•   Submission of audited financial statements for two consecutive years
•   Attach pictures of the vehicles in the tender documents for the board to review.

9.    The deadline for submission of documents is Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 05.00 pm.
10. Documents should be properly completed and enclosed in envelopes labeled "Provision of Staff
Transport services to KVTC Employees."


1.    All applications should be sent to the following address or to the headquarters located at Mavimba Ulanga
(Reception) or KVTC office in Dar es Salaam, 3rd Floor, ABSA House (opposite Serena Hotel)
2.    ONLY Applicants within Tanzania will be considered.
3.    The submitted tender must include a quotation for a day round trip.

Human Resources Manager Kilombero Valley Teak Company P.o. Box 655,

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