How to Write a Good Driver Job Application Letter ( with an Example )

How to Write a Good Driver Job Application Letter ( with an Example )

How to Write a Good Driver Job Application Letter . As trustworthy as the well-kept vehicles they drive, many professional Drivers work independently or for the same employer for many years.

Whether they like it or not, every Driver must accept the fact that they will eventually need to hunt for a new position. When that time comes, they will need an updated CV and cover letter to give to potential employers, just like white collar employees. 

When an application is received, whether by normal mail or email, the attached or enclosed Job Application letter is the first thing an employer examines.
Your application's introduction is contained in the cover letter, which is why it needs careful consideration.

A strong Driver Job Application letter will highlight a few crucial elements of the field.
These comprise, but are not restricted to: 

  • Kilometers driven, years spent on the road, and state and national routes completed.
  • Detailed list of all vehicles with operating permits, organized by size or tonnage.
  • Certain national and International licenses ( if Present ).
  •  Professional Training Certificates for instance of Health and Safety & Road Safety Awareness.

Keep in mind that not having current licenses, including health checks, can hurt your chances of landing a job. 

How to Write a Good Driver Job Application Letter , please find below an Example of such a Letter , but do remember to Customize it and refine it according to your fitting circumstances  ;-


[Today’s Date]


[HRManager’s Name]

[ Company Address]

[Company City or Region]



Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

I'm thrilled to be submitting an application for the vacant Driver Job Positions that was posted on the website.

I currently work as a Professional truck driver for Njoro Construction Company, where my tenacity and dedication have secured precise and timely & safe pick-ups and deliveries of the Company Materials, helping me win the Employee of the Year award in 2020, having clocked over 10,000 Kilometers.

I have been able to employ my road safety training, problem-solving, and analytical talents to their fullest because to my professional demeanor, particularly throughout my time working as a Concrete Mixer Driver for  Kenson & Sons Co Ltd.




[Your Name]


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