How to Make Money while Unemployed - 7 Ways

How to Make Money while Unemployed - 7 Ways

How to Make Money while Unemployed. For most people, being unemployed is a difficult condition. However even if you're jobless, there are ways to manage your emotional health and earn money.

These ways will enable you to supplement your income while you seek for a full-time job, in this article we will introduce a few ideas that you may realistically practice to earn an income while seeking for a full time employment opportunity.

Also, keep an open mind since you can wind up making far more money with these non-traditional employment opportunities than you would with a 9 to 5 job. 

1. Use your Skills to offer Outsourced Services

Do you possess a skill that you could sell?
Let's say you were fired from your position as an Electrical Engineer or Accountant.
Could you offer your service to local companies to use your expertise on a per need basis?
You might be able to recuperate your lost revenue while keeping your flexible work from home schedule. 

2. Sell Products Online

People adore buying handmade items as one-of-a-kind presents or home decor, and they also tend to prefer homemade products for everyday use. If you are skilled at sewing or creating homemade goods like spices or baked goods, you can start using your abilities to make money. You may also sell new or second hand clothes online , starting with a small amount of Capital.

Start by figuring out how much you can expect to make from each sale.
Keeping material prices down is essential to generating more revenue.
Purchasing supplies in bulk is a smart move if you'll be using them for multiple projects; wholesale prices are typically less expensive per unit.  

Best practices for Selling Products Online:

  • Showcase your goods in excellent shape.
    They ought to be wrinkle-free and spotless.
  • Take beautiful pictures.
    Use appropriate lighting and a variety of angles to capture photos that really highlight the piece of apparel.
  • Price your products to sell.
    If you price your listing high, you might not show up in searches.
  • Create a good description.
  • Inform customers that you are selling the ideal pair of jeans for working from home, the cutest flower girl dress, or the job-winning suit.

 3. Rent  Out Your vehicle / Enlist on Ride Sharing Apps

If you have have a Car or  Motorbike , you might as well rent out your automobile if you're going to be spending more time walking around to make money since you won't be using it as frequently.
It can be rented out to someone for a few hours, a day, or for however long you like. 

You may also consider getting a driver for your vehicle and use as taxi or enlist it on online taxi business services such as Paisha, In driver ,  Little Ride and Ping or others such as Uber and Bolt if they are operational in your country.

All these platforms are available through online applications downloads on mobile phones and other digital devices , they appeal to savvy customers who want cheaper & accessible rides. 

4. Sell Photos Online

Can you take quality pictures?
If yes, think about taking and selling stock photos, which are used by businesses for a variety of marketing and branding-related functions.

For the majority of websites that accept online submissions, like Alamy or 500px, you can take photographs using your smartphone or a digital camera.
However, you must ensure that each of your images complies with the requirements for quality and substance set forth by the marketplace you select. 

5. Start a Small Business

Is it truly a good idea to launch a business right now? Opportunities may arise from unusual situations.
Need has been a motivator for many people who have been laid off or had to stay at home with children in school.

According to your available space, some of the usual small business ideas you can launch from home are a small convenience store, a poultry business, a home bakery & catering business, to mention a few.

Your success as a business owner can be influenced by your work ethic, enthusiasm, business knowledge, and even a network of encouraging mentors.

Access to capital is also possible as It is feasible to obtain a loan to launch a business, even if it may be challenging to be approved for a startup loan. 

6. Make Money By Blogging

Blogging was once just another pastime that some people indulged in on top of holding down full-time careers a few years ago.
Even though a lot has changed, blogging still operates in the same way today.

In the 2020 something, blogging has become into a lucrative internet industry, and many people launch blogs to enter this laudable field. 

There are numerous ways to make money from your blog.
You can choose the approach that best suits your writing style based on your blogging experience and the type of blog , some of the way include : -

  • Ad networks such as AdSense and Ezoic
  • Affiliate promotion
  • Native Promotion
  • Paid testimonials and sponsored posts
  • Promote digital goods (eBooks, Blueprints)
  • launch a course offering online
  • Online advice offer
  • Services tailored to your abilities

If you are interested in this , then Google and Youtube are your best friends and good  source of information on how you may go about to start a blog.

7. Rent out your Extra Room on Airbnb

The business strategy is fairly straightforward: people like you have additional space on their own or family property and want to use it to lower their cost of ownership, similar to house hacking.
Travelers require an inexpensive location to stay for a short trip into town or an alternative to corporate housing if they require longer-term accommodations.

The sharing economy was considered when Airbnb was developed; it began as a small business in San Francisco and now boasts more listings than the biggest hotel companies worldwide! 

Nearly all of Airbnb's revenue comes from prospective hosts like you.
The business merely serves as a mediator to link visitors with hosts; it does not own any real estate.
The demand for Airbnb accommodations has increased over the past few years, which has led to a shortage of available properties.

For more about Airbnb , visit

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