The 12 Essential Abilities needed for any Job success

The 12 Essential Abilities needed for  any Job success

The 12 Essential Abilities needed for  any Job success. These 12 important abilities have been determined to be essential for effective work performance.

Examples for each key ability are provided below.

These twelve essential abilities are the most widely acknowledged behaviors needed for success in almost all work and professional domains, while different occupations need different competencies. 

The 12 Essential Abilities needed for  any Job success :-

1.Ability to Make Decisions

A person will this ability , makes wise decisions using solid judgment in response to information that has been obtained and examined.

Before deciding on the best course of action, weighs all relevant information and options.

firmly stands by the choice. 

2. Cooperation

This enables one to have effective interpersonal relationships, capable of providing and accepting information.
Cooperates both within and between organizations.
Supports group decisions and prioritizes the aims of the group over one's own .

3. Work Standards

Sets and upholds high standards for performance.
Pays special attention to correctness, completeness, and detail.
Demonstrates care for every area of the job and keeps track of work results.

4. Self Motivation

Approaches the job with enthusiasm and intensity.
Pledges to make greater effort.
Keeps up a high degree of initiative and production.   

5. Dependability

Assumes personal accountability for work results.
Carries out work in a reliable and timely manner.
Respects obligations. 

6. Problem Solving

Assembles and arranges all pertinent information before conducting a problem analysis.
Determines links between causes and effects.
Generates pertinent solutions. 

7. Ability to Adapt

Adapts to shifting workplaces, tasks, and organizational requirements.
Able to deal with change and a variety of individuals well.
Adapts knowledge and abilities to fresh demands and conditions. 

8. Organizing and Planning

To accomplish goals, one organizes and plans tasks and work duties.
Identifies priorities
Planned activities.
Appropriately distributes and utilizes resources.  

9. Communication Skills

Communicates thoughts clearly.
Provides accurate information delivery and organization.
Attentively hears others opinions. 

10. Integrity

Provides accurate and thorough information.
Respects confidentiality and honors personal obligations.
Respects the policies and procedures of the business. 

11. Being Proactive

Carries out an activity to affect events.
Creates suggestions for innovations, seizes chances, and generates ideas for improvement.
Does more than is necessary. 

12. Tolerance to stress

Shows emotional fortitude and the capacity to persistently resist pressure.
Maintains performance when handling challenging circumstances.
When necessary, seeks out help from others and makes use of effective coping mechanisms.

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